Four of Cups, The Star and Three of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Star
Three of Cups

Past: Four of Cups

In the past, you may have been feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled, possibly even bored with the direction your life was taking. There may have been a sense of apathy or a lack of enthusiasm for the opportunities that were presented to you.

Present: The Star

Currently, you are experiencing a renewed sense of hope and optimism. The Star card represents inspiration, guidance, and a feeling of being on the right path. You may be feeling a sense of purpose and a deep connection to your inner self, guiding you towards a brighter future.

Future: Three of Cups

In the future, the Three of Cups suggests that you will experience joy, celebration, and a deep sense of connection with others. This card often represents gatherings, reunions, and a period of harmonious relationships. It indicates a time of happiness and emotional fulfillment in your social and personal life.


Overall, it seems that you have moved from a place of discontent in the past to a place of hope and inspiration in the present. The future holds the promise of joyful connections and celebrations. This reading suggests a positive shift in your emotional state and a period of happiness and fulfillment ahead.