King of Cups and Wheel of Fortune Tarot Combination: The Meaning in Overcoming Challenges

King of Cups

Problem: King of Cups

The King of Cups represents a person who is emotionally mature and compassionate, but may also struggle with controlling their emotions or expressing them in a healthy way. This could be causing conflict or instability in your life.

Solving: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune indicates a turning point or change of fortune. It suggests that the current situation is part of a larger cycle of change and that things will soon take a positive turn. This card encourages you to embrace the change and trust that things will improve.


It seems that the emotional challenges represented by the King of Cups are part of a larger cycle of change and growth, and that things will soon improve. It's important to stay open to the changes and have faith that the wheel of fortune is turning in your favor.