Nine of Cups, Two of Wands and Knight of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Past: Nine of Cups

In the past, you experienced a period of contentment and emotional fulfillment. You may have achieved a long-held desire or felt a deep sense of satisfaction in your personal or professional life.

Present: Two of Wands

Currently, you are at a crossroads, contemplating your next steps and considering new opportunities. The Two of Wands signifies a time of decision-making and planning for the future. You may be feeling a sense of anticipation and exploring different paths forward.

Future: Knight of Swords

In the future, you will likely encounter a period of swift action, determination, and assertiveness. The Knight of Swords suggests that you may need to be prepared for rapid developments and the need to make quick decisions. This could also indicate a period of intellectual pursuit and a drive for success.


Overall, the cards indicate a progression from emotional fulfillment in the past, to a present state of weighing options and considering future paths, and finally to a future of decisive action and pursuit of goals. It's important to remain open to new opportunities and be ready to take bold steps towards your ambitions.