Six of Wands, King of Cups and The Empress Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

King of Cups
The Empress

Past: Six of Wands

In the past, you experienced a significant victory or achievement, gaining recognition and success. You may have overcome obstacles and received public acclaim for your efforts. This card reflects a time of confidence and validation for your abilities.

Present: King of Cups

Currently, you are embodying the qualities of the King of Cups. You are compassionate, emotionally balanced, and in control of your feelings. This card suggests that you are using your intuition and empathy to navigate your current situation. You may be offering support and guidance to others, using your emotional intelligence to maintain harmony.

Future: The Empress

Looking ahead, The Empress represents a future of abundance, creativity, and nurturing energy. This card suggests that you will experience growth and fertility in various aspects of your life. You may find yourself in a position of nurturing and caring for others, and your creative endeavors will flourish. This card also signifies a strong connection to nature and the importance of nurturing yourself and those around you.


Overall, the past victory and recognition have laid the foundation for your current emotional maturity and balance. The future holds promise for abundant creativity and nurturing energy, where you will be able to foster growth and harmony in your life and the lives of others.