Ten of Swords, Five of Pentacles and Queen of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Past: Ten of Swords

In the past, you may have experienced a period of intense challenges, betrayal, and difficult endings. The Ten of Swords suggests that you have faced overwhelming obstacles and may have felt completely defeated.

Present: Five of Pentacles

Currently, you might be feeling a sense of financial struggle, isolation, or hardship. The Five of Pentacles indicates a period of feeling left out in the cold, both emotionally and materially. You may be facing tough times and seeking support.

Future: Queen of Wands

Looking ahead, the Queen of Wands heralds a time of confidence, determination, and passion. You are likely to embrace your inner strength and exhibit strong leadership qualities. This card suggests that you will approach the future with creativity, charisma, and a bold, fiery spirit.


It seems that you have faced significant challenges in the past and are currently grappling with feelings of lack and hardship. However, the future appears to hold a powerful transformation, as you step into a phase of empowerment, creativity, and assertiveness. Embrace the energy of the Queen of Wands and let your inner fire guide you towards a more confident and influential future.