Ten of Wands, Four of Cups and Nine of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Four of Cups
Nine of Cups

Past: Ten of Wands

In the past, you have been burdened with a heavy load, feeling overwhelmed and overworked. It may have been a time of struggle and challenges, where you were carrying more responsibilities than you could handle.

Present: Four of Cups

Currently, you may find yourself feeling apathetic or dissatisfied with your current situation. The Four of Cups suggests a period of introspection and contemplation, where you may be feeling emotionally unfulfilled and may be missing out on opportunities due to a lack of interest or motivation.

Future: Nine of Cups

Looking into the future, the Nine of Cups is a very positive and fulfilling card. It indicates that your wishes and desires will be fulfilled, and you will experience emotional satisfaction and contentment. This card suggests that you will achieve a sense of happiness and inner peace in the future.


Overall, the past challenges and burdens have led to a period of introspection and emotional dissatisfaction in the present. However, the future looks bright and promising, with the fulfillment of your wishes and emotional contentment on the horizon. It is important to address any feelings of dissatisfaction in the present and look forward to the positive and fulfilling opportunities that await you in the future.