The Empress and The Chariot Tarot Combination: Discovering the Meaning in Mystical Insights

The Empress
The Chariot

The Empress: Identifying the Problem

The Empress is a powerful symbol of femininity, creativity, and abundance. It represents nurturing, fertility, and the expression of love. When The Empress appears in a tarot reading, it often signifies issues related to relationships, creativity, and nurturing.

Problems with Love

For those seeking love, The Empress may indicate a need to focus on self-love and nurturing before seeking a romantic relationship. It could also represent issues with the balance of power in a current relationship, or a need for more nurturing and care within the relationship.

Problems with Health

Health-wise, The Empress may suggest a need for self-care and nurturing. It could represent issues related to fertility, pregnancy, or hormonal imbalances. It may also indicate a need for a more holistic approach to health and well-being.

Problems with Finance

Financially, The Empress might symbolize a need to be more nurturing and abundant in your approach to money. It could indicate issues related to overspending or a lack of financial stability. It may also represent a need to invest in creative endeavors or to seek financial advice from a nurturing figure.

Problems with Friends

When it comes to friendships, The Empress could signify issues related to nurturing and support within your friend group. It may suggest a need to be more nurturing towards your friends or a need for more nurturing and supportive friends in your life.

The Chariot: Crafting the Solution

The Chariot is a symbol of determination, willpower, and overcoming obstacles. It represents taking control and moving forward with confidence. When paired with The Empress, The Chariot suggests that the solution to the identified problems lies in taking determined and focused action.

Solving Problems with Love

To solve love-related problems indicated by The Empress, The Chariot advises taking charge of your own self-love and nurturing. It encourages you to take a determined approach to finding balance and harmony in your relationships, and to assert your own needs and desires with confidence.

Solving Problems with Health

For health issues, The Chariot guides you to take control of your well-being with determination. It advises seeking out holistic and proactive approaches to your health, and to move forward with confidence in pursuing fertility, hormonal balance, or overall well-being.

Solving Problems with Finance

Financially, The Chariot advises taking determined action to bring stability and abundance into your life. It encourages you to take control of your financial situation, to be proactive in seeking financial advice, and to pursue creative and abundant opportunities with confidence.

Solving Problems with Friends

When it comes to friendships, The Chariot suggests taking charge of the nurturing and supportive dynamics in your social circle. It advises being proactive in nurturing your friendships and seeking out friends who support your growth and well-being, while also being a supportive friend in return.


The combination of The Empress and The Chariot offers a powerful message of nurturing, abundance, and taking determined action. It advises you to embrace the nurturing qualities of The Empress while harnessing the determined energy of The Chariot to overcome the identified problems and move forward with confidence and grace.