Three of Swords, Ten of Swords and Eight of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Past: Three of Swords

In the past, you experienced heartbreak, disappointment, and pain. This card represents a period of sorrow and emotional turmoil. It suggests that you went through a challenging time that left you feeling deeply hurt.

Present: Ten of Swords

Currently, you may be feeling overwhelmed and defeated. The Ten of Swords signifies a difficult ending or a betrayal that has left you feeling like you've hit rock bottom. It's a time of intense struggle and the need to release old patterns of thinking and behavior.

Future: Eight of Wands

Looking ahead, the Eight of Wands indicates a swift and positive change. You can expect things to speed up and move forward rapidly. This card represents quick progress, new opportunities, and a sense of momentum. It suggests that you'll experience a burst of energy and a surge of inspiration that propels you towards your goals.


While the past and present may have been challenging, the future holds promise and a sense of forward movement. It's important to acknowledge the pain of the past and the struggles of the present, but also to embrace the potential for rapid growth and positive change in the future. Stay open to new opportunities and remain hopeful for what lies ahead.