Four of Cups, The Star and Page of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Star
Page of Wands

Past: Four of Cups

In the past, you have been feeling a sense of dissatisfaction and apathy. You may have been feeling emotionally disconnected and unfulfilled, perhaps even turning away from potential opportunities or blessings that were being offered to you.

Present: The Star

Currently, you are experiencing a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, and positivity. The Star represents a period of healing, inner peace, and a deep connection to your inner wisdom. You are open to new possibilities and are experiencing a sense of guidance and faith in the universe.

Future: Page of Wands

In the future, you will embark on a new journey filled with creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. The Page of Wands heralds the beginning of an exciting venture or project that aligns with your passions and desires. You will be full of energy and ready to take on new challenges with a sense of curiosity and determination.


Overall, this tarot reading indicates a significant shift from feeling disconnected and dissatisfied in the past to embracing hope and inspiration in the present. The future holds the promise of new beginnings and creative opportunities that will ignite your passion and drive. Stay open to the guidance of the universe and trust in the exciting path that lies ahead.