Justice and Judgment Tarot Combination: Interpreting the Meaning for Everyday Life


Justice: Identifying the Problem

Problems with Love

The Justice card indicates a need for balance and fairness in love relationships. The problem may stem from issues of equality, honesty, or trust. It could also represent a lack of harmony and understanding in the relationship.

Problems with Health

When Justice appears in a health context, it suggests a need for equilibrium and moderation. It may indicate health issues related to balance, such as hormonal imbalances or problems with the kidneys or adrenal glands.

Problems with Finance

In the realm of finance, the Justice card points to issues of fairness, honesty, and legal matters. It could indicate financial disputes, unfair dealings, or the need to make balanced and reasonable financial decisions.

Problems with Friends

Within friendships, Justice may indicate issues of fairness, honesty, or equality. It could suggest disputes or imbalances in the friendship, or the need for fair and open communication to resolve conflicts.

Judgment: Crafting the Solution

Solving Problems with Love

To address love-related issues, the Judgment card advises seeking forgiveness, understanding, and accepting responsibility. It urges the need for introspection and making amends. It calls for a fresh start and a commitment to better communication and understanding in the relationship.

Solving Problems with Health

For health concerns, the Judgment card suggests a holistic approach. It advises making positive lifestyle changes, seeking balance, and addressing any underlying issues. It symbolizes a call to take charge of one's health and make necessary adjustments for overall well-being.

Solving Problems with Finance

When it comes to financial matters, the Judgment card encourages making fair and honest decisions. It signifies the need to address any unresolved financial issues, make amends if necessary, and move forward with integrity. It represents a fresh start and the opportunity to make balanced financial choices.

Solving Problems with Friends

Regarding friendships, the Judgment card advises seeking reconciliation, understanding, and honesty. It symbolizes the need to address any underlying issues, communicate openly, and make a fresh start. It represents the opportunity to rebuild and strengthen friendships through honesty and understanding.


In conclusion, the Justice card highlights the need for balance and fairness in various aspects of life, while the Judgment card guides the individual to seek forgiveness, make amends, and embrace a fresh start. By heeding the symbolism and advice of these cards, one can navigate through challenges and work towards harmony and equilibrium in love, health, finance, and friendships.