Justice, Judgment and Temperance Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Past: Justice

In the past, you have been focused on balance, fairness, and making decisions based on rationality and reason. You may have experienced a significant event that required you to weigh your options carefully and seek justice or truth.

Present: Judgment

Currently, you are undergoing a period of reflection, evaluation, and awakening. You are being called to assess your past actions and make amends where necessary. This card signifies a time of personal transformation and a fresh start.

Future: Temperance

Looking ahead, you are being guided towards finding harmony, moderation, and inner peace. The Temperance card represents a time of blending, patience, and healing. You may need to take a balanced and moderate approach to achieve your goals and maintain equilibrium in all aspects of your life.


Overall, this tarot reading suggests that you have been through a phase of seeking justice and balance, are currently in a period of self-reflection and transformation, and will soon be guided towards finding inner harmony and healing. Embracing these energies and lessons will lead to a more balanced and fulfilling future.