Temperance and Death Tarot Combination: The Meaning and Power in Your Hands


Problem: Temperance

The Temperance card suggests that there is a need for balance and moderation in your current situation. You may be feeling off-kilter or struggling to find harmony in your life. There could be a conflict between different aspects of yourself or a need to find a middle ground in a particular situation.

Solving: Death

The Death card often represents major transformation and change. It indicates that something in your life needs to come to an end in order for new growth and opportunities to emerge. This could be a job, relationship, or belief system that is no longer serving you. It's a signal to embrace the concept of letting go and allowing for new beginnings.


Together, these cards suggest that in order to find balance and harmony (Temperance), you may need to undergo a significant transformation or release something that is holding you back (Death). This process may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary for your personal growth and development. Embrace the changes that are happening and trust that they will lead you to a more balanced and fulfilling life.