Temperance, Death and The Moon Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Moon

Past: Temperance

In the past, you have experienced a period of balance and harmony. The Temperance card suggests that you have been able to navigate challenges with patience and moderation. This may have brought a sense of peace and spiritual growth into your life.

Present: Death

Currently, you are undergoing a significant transformation or a major transition in your life. The Death card does not represent physical death, but rather the ending of one phase and the beginning of another. This may involve letting go of old patterns, relationships, or beliefs to make way for new opportunities and growth.

Future: The Moon

Looking ahead, The Moon indicates that you may enter a phase of uncertainty or confusion. This card suggests that things may not be as they appear, and you may need to rely on your intuition and inner guidance to navigate through this period. It's a time to explore your subconscious and pay attention to your dreams and instincts.


Overall, this reading indicates a journey from balance and harmony to major transformations and uncertain times. Embracing change, trusting your intuition, and staying open to new experiences will be essential for your growth and development in the future.